How to Give Your Life a Positivity Boost

Let’s be honest: life gets pretty overwhelming sometimes, and that can make it tough to look on the brightside.

Whether it’s a hectic workload or just one of those weeks where the punches keep on rolling, it can be difficult to find the strength to keep your spirits high? Don’t worry — there are lots of ways to find the silver lining of each and every day, and I’ve got a few tips to get you started.

Look for excuses to pay someone a sincere compliment. The funny thing about positivity is that it tends to be contagious, so create it! Compliment your coworker on her flattering new blazer or take an extra second to let your intern know what a great job he’s doing. It’s a great feeling to make others happy, and all it takes is a moment to stop and say something kind. And taking a moment to appreciate something — even if it’s just the way your barista always makes sure you get extra foam — is always time well-spent!

Stop. Sit. Rest. I know how it goes after a long day at work. You get home and there’s laundry to do, dinner to make, homework to help with, and tomorrow’s big meeting that you still need to prepare for. There’s simply no time to take any kind of real break. But giving your body and mind the chance to relax and recharge isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes each day to stop what you’re doing, put your feet up, and rest.

Be grateful. Don’t just acknowledge the fact that you do have good things in your life, stop and think about what they are. Think of your loving spouse, your beautiful children — and be grateful. Your job might make you feel crazy sometimes, but be grateful for the fact that you have a way to support yourself. You know where your next meal is coming from. You have a roof over your head. It’s OK to feel frustrated about the specifics currently going awry, but stop to think of the things that make you happy. In perspective, all those other wonderful things will probably make your stressors seem a lot less important.

Life is going to give you your share of ups and downs, but when you know how to look for the positives the valleys won’t seem so steep. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll find brighter, happier days ahead.